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Educational activities

During the last year of medical school, students submit an application for postgraduate residencies in their selected field of specialization. These diverge in competitiveness depending upon the interest of the specialty, status of the program, and the number of candidates relative to the number of offered positions. All but a few positions are approved via a national computer match who pairs an applicant's favourite with the programs' favourite for candidates.

Previously, post-graduate medical education began with a self-supporting, one-year internship. Conclusion of this year persists to be the minimum training prerequisite for acquiring a general license to practice medicine in most states. However, because of the gradual expansion of post-graduate medical education, and the demur of its use as the terminal stage in training, most new medical doctors complete the internship requirement as their first year of residency.


Medical Internship
Medical Residency
Internship is considered as a residency, in which the students can make a decision about their specialties.
Residency is a phase of postgraduate training in a primary care or specialty for achieving a comprehensive education.
Medical Fellowship
Continuing Medical Education (CME)
Fellowships are offered to graduate students who needs more preparation that the needed in a training courses such as residency.
 Continuing Medical Education (CME)
Develop and amplify your knowledge, enhance your professional performance with your patients and colleagues.