Physician salaries

Physician salaries

Study medical career is very expensive and require many years of effort and dedication, but when the student become in a successful physician, all the economic investment are compensated with the salary which are paid, also effort, dedication and time are compensated with the satisfaction of help and serve other people.

Physicians are well paid, although it depends of the specialty, years in practice, professional reputation, location and experience, but physicians are the professionals with more demand in the entire world and ever with best salaries.

Usually, students who choose a surgery specialty (spine surgery, neurological surgery, cardiac and thoracic surgery, Orthopedic Surgery) have higher salaries than other specialties.

Average earnings of nonsupervisory workers in the majority health care sectors are elevated than the average for all private industry, with hospital workers earning significantly more than the average and those employed in nursing and residential care facilities and home health care services earning fewer.

Average earnings frequently are higher in hospitals because the percentage of jobs needing higher levels of education and training is greater than in other sectors. Those sectors of the industry with lower earnings employ large numbers of part-time service workers.

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Allergy and Immunology $233,894
Anesthesiology $352,959
Cardiac & Thoracic Surgery $497,307
Cardiology $379,975
Colon & Rectal Surgery $370,602
Critical Care Medicine $256,514
Dermatology $256,514
Diagnostic Radiology - Interventional $463,219
Diagnostic Radiology - Non-Interventional $420,858
Emergency Care $256,879
Endocrinology $205,497
Family Medicine $190,182
Family Medicine - with Obstetrics $200,565
Gastroenterology $374,674
General Surgery $337,595
Geriatrics $179,344
Gynecological Oncology $393,486
Gynecology $234,197
Gynecology & Obstetrics $283,110
Hematology & Medical Oncology $301,809
Hospitalist $205,445
Hypertension & Nephrology $246,646
Infectious Disease $220,601
Intensivist $296,034
Internal Medicine $199,886
Neonatology $265,400
Neurological Surgery $581,258
Neurology $229,119
Nuclear Medicine (M.D. only) $331,866
Obstetrics $273,620
Occupational/Environmental Medicine $216,754
Oral Surgery $367,532
Ophthalmology $305,301
Orthopedic Surgery $450,000
Orthopedic-Medical $209,000
Orthopedic Surgery - Joint Replacement $520,000
Orthopedic Surgery - Hand $450,000
Orthopedic Surg.-Pediatrics $360,466
Orthopedic Surgery - Spine $611,670
Otolaryngology $336,149
Pathology (M.D. only) $252,685
Pediatric Intensive Care $228,434
Pediatric Allergy $163,338
Pediatric Cardiology $234,613
Pediatric Endocrinology $187,693
Pediatric Gastroenterology $218,032
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology $205,567
Pediatric Nephrology $192,958
Pediatric Neurology $204,540
Pediatric Pulmonary Disease $172,755
Pediatric Surgery $363,955
Pediatrics & Adolescent $193,964
Pediatric Infectious Disease $174,154
Perinatology $356,576
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation $229,119
Plastic & Reconstruction $359,637
Psychiatry $206,431
Psychiatry - Child $226,637
Pulmonary Disease $267,148
Radiation Therapy (M.D. only) $395,166
Reproductive Endocrinology $297,150
Rheumatologic Disease $217,010
Sports Medicine $205,026
Surgical Sports Medicine $205,026
Transplant Surgery - Kidney $386,750
Transplant Surgery - Liver $415,428
Trauma Surgery $352,339
Urgent Care $200,904
Urology $383,029
Vascular Surgery $377,964