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Becoming a doctor

Many people consider that becoming a doctor is a hard career. Others believe that it requires many years with an investment truly expensive. While the most of them recognize that being a doctor will brings rewards. All these people said the truth. Becoming a doctor is a long, hard, costly process, which can only be accomplished with effort and dedication of have the vocation of service.

Since years ago, the specialties and subspecialties in the medicine field are increasing; due to the technology is part of new discoveries along with the development of new therapies to made doctor workload lighter in the diagnostics and treatments of illness related to disorder and infections owns of the changed world. But this task would not be completed without a constant training of the doctor who must study and research to get being updating in new knowledge.

Some aspects to be a doctor:

  • Competence to improve their own skills and get new researches.
  • Honesty as much as to guarantee the patient´s life.
  • Spirit of overcoming to reach new challenges.
  • Confidential to manage the illness of the patients.
  • Responsibility to administrate and to counsel people´s health in charge.
  • Dedication to follow the patient´s treatment is probably that many times it will have to change or improve the doses to recovery the health of persons.
With the improving of these skills being a doctor will be easier, and you will be able to choose any area of medicine, practiced in and developed.

To conclude medicine studies is necessary 11 years; the first 4 years are dedicated to subjects in the college that include biology, chemistry, physics, math and English too.

You need to have a good score in college and on medical school entrance test to continue the next 4 years in a medical school. The next 3 years are for working in a hospital. Some cases of specialties require that doctors have to work for up to 8 years before they are qualified.

As a medical professional, you have spent a lot of time and effort in mastering your chosen specialty. To parallel that dedication, your resume should reflect that same hard work and attention to detail. Before you get lost trying to determine which professional resume format to use and which sections to include.

If you desire to be a doctor, you should like to help people, and then a profession in medicine may be the correct selection for you. You should be prepared to study a lot because the opportunities to help people are required.

The alternatives can include becoming a variety of branches of medicine as surgeon, a general practitioner, a geneticist, a psychiatric specialist, a medical teacher, a medical researcher or a public health physician. Take account that in your hands is the life of a person.

Becoming a doctor could include these advantages and disadvantages.

Ability to offer service and support to others Spend several years training and preparing at schools and hospitals
Ability to save lives Long process to obtain a license
Constantly learning Laborious
Appreciation for medical science Job related stress
Teach students and patients about medicine A great deal of Responsibility
Gratifying Managed care means more difficulty earning a high salary
Good Salary Lawsuits