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University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (College of Medicine)

Selecting a career is an important, yet difficult decision that influences the rest of your life. The information on this web page is designed to provide you with some information on one of the most challenging occupations today, along with information on our specific College of Medicine. A career in Medicine offers a high level of personal satisfaction, prestige, economic security, and almost unlimited mobility. The field provides for teaching careers, research opportunities and public health and government service experiences. With its numerous career options, one is sure to find a viable area in which to pursue excellence.

It is crucial for students to have a broad education to prepare for the intensive studies encountered in medical school. They should be well prepared in the humanities and social sciences, cognizant of how society works, and able to communicate well. While a science or premedical degree is not required, students eventually admitted tend to be highly motivated with strong foundations in the natural sciences.

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Medicine takes pride in providing our state and the nation with well trained physicians, researchers, and teachers who are eager and willing to face the challenging and immensely rewarding practice of medicine.

Mission Statement
The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences prepares excellent health care professionals and scientists who are committed to high ethical and professional standards, life-long learning and skill advancement in health care for Arkansas, the nation
and the world.

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences provides comprehensive, nationally and internationally recognized health care in many specialties and disciplines for Arkansas, the nation and the world.

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences conducts pioneering research that leads to new knowledge with application and integration into the health care disciplines, systems-of-care public policy and economic progress for all people.

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences provides leadership and service in the health care disciplines and in public health policy for the benefit of the citizens and communities of Arkansas.

In fulfilling its educational mission, the six academic units of UAMS – the Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Health, Related Professions, Public Health and the Graduate School – as well as the UAMS Medical Center, the Area Health Education Center, the Arkansas Cancer Research Center, the Harvey and Bernice Jones Eye Institute, the Jackson T. Stephens Spine and Neuroscience Institute and the Donald W. Reynolds Institute on Aging, provide the environment and opportunities, for students and practitioners alike, to learn and maintain the knowledge and skills they need. These programs integrate the liberal arts with the biological, physical and behavioral sciences and emphasize life-long learning for practitioners in the
health professions.

UAMS is the principal biomedical research center for the state of Arkansas. In its programs of research, UAMS seeks to stimulate and support scholarly inquiry, for both faculty and students, aimed at maintaining and preserving knowledge and making discoveries that address the health needs of the state, nation and world.
These research programs enhance the economic and educational programs of Arkansas through technology transfer and collaborative arrangements with other qualified individuals, groups, companies and institutions. The research mission involves the quest for new information, the organization of known information in new ways and the sharing of this information with
the scientific community.

The service mission is fulfilled by providing comprehensive health care services to meet both the educational needs of our students and the special health care needs of the state. As the only academic medical center in Arkansas, the unique role of UAMS is to provide services requiring highly specialized personnel and technology. These services are delivered in an interdisciplinary environment to all Arkansans regardless of their ability to pay.

In addition, comprehensive services in health, wellness and rehabilitation are offered in a statewide context. Our service mission is enhanced by affiliation with Arkansas Children’s Hospital, the John L. McClellan Memorial Veterans Administration Medical Center, the Arkansas Rehabilitation Institute, the Central Arkansas Radiation Therapy Institute and the Arkansas State Hospital. Additional cooperative programs are offered with other hospitals and practitioners affiliated with the AHEC
Programs. UAMS has a responsibility to provide health care services in a manner that ensures the long-range financial viability and continued quality of its programs while providing the most cost-effective care for its patients.

The UAMS mission encompasses a responsibility to its alumni and other health care practitioners of Arkansas to help them continue to improve their professional knowledge and skills. All schools and departments offer life-long learning opportunities as appropriate to their mission. The University library also serves as a resource for all health professionals by maintaining
a portfolio of information services needed to support their information needs.

UAMS values its role of service to the general welfare of the state of Arkansas. This service includes action as a partner in science and health areas to all levels of the educational system of the state. As the leader in health care, the institution provides educational programs, consultation and technical advice to other institutions, agencies and local communities for the purpose of improving and maintaining the health of citizens.
The role of UAMS in the economic life of the community is significant. A major element of the central Arkansas economy, the salaries of a highly trained work force contribute substantially to the regional economy.

School name:University of Arkansas for Medical SciencesCollege of Medicine
Address:4301 W. Markham
Zip & city:AR 72205 Arkansas

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College of Medicine Medical School Location

College of Medicine Courses


During the first two years, the student is primarily concerned with the basic biomedical sciences. To give these studies more meaning, provision is made for direct contact of students with patients from the onset of the freshman year. An exciting development in the College of Medicine’s curriculum for the first two years was put into place for the fall of 2005. The sophomore curriculum was totally integrated in a systems-based approach so that all courses run the entire length of the year and the material taught in them is linked together. The Curriculum Committee is now looking at a similar configuration for
the freshman year.


* Gross Anatomy
* Physiology
* Microanatomy
* Neuroscience
* Biochemistry
* Cell Biology
* Introduction to Clinical Medicine I


* Microbiology
* Behavioral Sciences
* Immunology
* Medical Ethics
* Parasitology
* Intro to Clinical Medicine 2
* Pharmacology
* Genetics
* Pathophysiology


The junior year courses (clerkships) provide training in most of the basic problems with which patients present themselves. Students learn to apply scientific principles to the examination, diagnosis and treatment of human disease. Seminars, conferences and clinical rounds with members of the teaching staff are important in giving the student a rounded perspective of human illness.


* Medicine
* Psychiatry
* Surgery
* Pediatrics
* Obstetrics/ Gynecology
* Surgical Sub-Specialties
* Geriatrics
* Family Medicine


The senior year program is mostly elective in order to provide each student the opportunity to choose a program best suited to his or her individual needs. Each department makes available to the student a spectrum of general and special programs from which the student selects a minimum of 36 weeks of study, with the advice and approval of a Faculty Advisor. Research
may be taken as an elective. Off-campus studies (local, elsewhere in the United States and in other countries) may be elected with the prior approval of the Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Elective work need not be confined to the senior year, but may be carried out for no credit whenever possible during prior academic years with the consent of the Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. The degree, Doctor of Medicine, is conferred upon graduating seniors.

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