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University of Alabama (School of Medicine)

School name:University of AlabamaSchool of Medicine
Address:1530 3rd Avenue, South
Zip & city:AL 35294-3412 Alabama

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FIRST AND SECOND YEARS All of the basic science coursework (first two years of medical school) is completed on the Birmingham campus. Students develop techniques in medical interviewing and physical diagnosis in the Introduction to Clinical Medicine during the first two years. At the end of the second year, students must pass Step I of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) before they are promoted to the third year. During the third and fourth years, students take core clinical clerkships and electives. Electives and individualized experience programs may be taken in a variety of locations including Tuscaloosa and Huntsville. In their senior year, students must pass Step II of the USMLE to graduate. FIRST YEAR COURSES : * Gross Anatomy * Biochemistry * Medical Ethics * History of Medicine * Genetics * Behavioral Sciences * Physiology * Medical Cell and Tissue Biology * Neurosciences * Nutrition SECOND YEAR COURSES : * General Pathology * Pharmacology I * Microbiology/Immunology * Correlative Pathology * Evidence-based Medicine THIRD YEAR Third-year clinical courses, or clerkships, provide the opportunity to apply the basic sciences, to improve problem-solving and critical reasoning skills to continue the development of skills in interviewing and examining patients, and to allow increasing levels of responsibility for patient care in both hospital and ambulatory settings. COURSES : * Family Medicine * Internal Medicine * Neurology * Obstetrics & Gynecology * Pediatrics * Psychiatry * Rural Medicine * Surgery * Selective FOURTH YEAR During their senior year, students must complete 16 weeks of required Acting Internships (AI's) from the approved tri-campus (Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville) list. The students must also complete 16 weeks of senior electives, which may be taken within the tri-campus system or at other approved sites including international locations. COURSES : * Internal Medicine (Acting Internship) * Selected Inpatient (Acting Internship) * Selected Ambulatory (Acting Internship) * Surgical Specialties (Acting Internship) * Electives

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