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Touro University (College of Osteopathic Medicine - California)

TUCOM prepares students to become outstanding osteopathic physicians who uphold the values, philosophy and practice of osteopathic medicine and who are committed to primary care and the holistic approach to the patient. The College advances the profession and serves its students and society through innovative education, research and community service.

School name:Touro UniversityCollege of Osteopathic Medicine - California
Address:1310 Johnson Lane, Vallejo, California
Zip & city:94592 California
Phone:(707) 638-5200

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College of Osteopathic Medicine - California Medical School Location

College of Osteopathic Medicine - California Courses

The curriculum of TUCOM-CA stresses the interdependence of the biological, clinical, behavioral and social sciences. Emphasis is on the education of physicians for primary care medicine and the specific roles of osteopathic principles in the maintenance of health and treatment of disease. The TUCOM-CA curriculum is a continuously evolving educational program designed and developed by the faculty to meet the ever changing demands of medical education and the mission of TUCOM. New courses and changes in existing course work are initiated by the faculty in their respective departments and are approved by the Curriculum Committee and the Dean.

The educational program is centered on the basic concepts of osteopathic medicine. The academic program is intended to meet the following goals:

I. To emphasize the role of the patient in the maintenance of health.
II. To recognize and emphasize the inherent capacity within each person to overcome disease and maintain health; to educate physicians to cooperate with this therapeutic capacity in their methods of treatment.
III. To offer a curriculum that will interest students in primary care and prepare them to provide quality, and comprehensive health care to their patients.
IV. To provide sufficient academic training to make students analyze health-care decisions, promote wellness, and empower patients to assume responsibility for their own health.

A primary care physician must first of all be capable of problem solving and the development of expertise in diagnosis. In order to achieve this goal, the curriculum adopted at TUCOM-CA emphasizes the integration of basic and clinical science aspects of medical practice. With this approach, practice in problem solving becomes a part of the daily classroom clinic experience. The TUCOM-CA Faculty has adopted the following core competencies which will guide curriculum development and assessment.

• Osteopathic Philosophy and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
• Medical Knowledge
• Patient Care
• Interpersonal and Communication skills
• Professionalism
• Practice-based learning and improvement
• Systems-based practice

The curriculum includes two principal phases:

I. Teaching of the fundamentals of basic sciences, followed by the study of the organ systems of the body, incorporating both basic and clinical sciences. This is integrated with an osteopathic approach to the art and science of doctoring including the fundamentals of history-taking, physical diagnosis, primary care skills, and osteopathic principles, practice, and philosophy.

II. Clinical experience and clinical clerkships

The first year is designed to introduce students to the basic concepts of human anatomy (gross anatomy, neuroscience, histology, and embryology), biochemistry and physiology. Interwoven throughout the curriculum are osteopathic principles and practice, introductions to clinical medicine, physical diagnosis, problem based learning, and preventive medicine and public health.

In the second year, the basic and clinical sciences concerned with one particular organ system of the body are integrated in classroom instruction. This approach emphasizes the relevance of basic sciences to clinical practice. The osteopathic approach is continually emphasized by lecture and laboratory demonstration of manipulative techniques. A year long course in
behavioral medicine and psychiatry is also provided.

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