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Touro University (Nevada College of Osteopathic Medicine)

TUNCOM prepares students to become outstanding osteopathic physicians who uphold the values, philosophy and practice of osteopathic medicine and who are committed to primary care and the holistic approach to the patient. The College advances the profession and serves its students and society through innovative education, research and community service.

School name:Touro UniversityNevada College of Osteopathic Medicine
Address:874 American Pacific Drive, Henderson, Nevada
Zip & city:89014 Nevada
Phone:(702) 777-8687

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Nevada College of Osteopathic Medicine Medical School Location

Nevada College of Osteopathic Medicine Courses

TUNCOM offers a systems-based curriculum that is a mix of traditional lecture-discussion, interactive lecture, small-group PBL tutorial
and self-study modules. Clinical integration is stressed throughout the basic science portion of the first two years, and students have an
opportunity to “connect with the community” and have early clinical experiences in a Shadow Program that starts as early as the intersession after the first year. Osteopathic Principles and Practice, clinical skills training and physicianpatient communication are stressed throughout all four years of study. TUNCOM has created a curriculum model that reflects the world in which our students will practice. TUNCOM has created an environment that stresses collaboration and ethical and professional behavior, and that makes learning enjoyable.

The College of Osteopathic Medicine’s curriculum is divided into three phases:

I. Basic Sciences
II. Correlated system teaching incorporating basic and clinical
sciences in the study of the organ systems of the body.
III. Clinical Experience

Clinical rotations and preceptorships are offered during the third and fourth year of study. These will be under the direction and supervision of clinical professors, and adjunct clinical professors at cooperating medical institutions.

The first year is designed to introduce students to the basic concepts of human anatomy (gross anatomy, neuroscience, histology, and embryology), biochemistry and physiology. Interwoven throughout the curriculum are osteopathic principles and practice, introductions to clinical medicine, physical diagnosis, problem based learning, and preventative medicine and public health.

In the second year, the basic and clinical sciences concerned with one particular organ system of the body are integrated in classroom instruction. This approach emphasizes the relevance of basic sciences to clinical practice. The osteopathic approach is continually emphasized by lecture and laboratory demonstration of manipulative techniques. A year long course in behavioral medicine and psychiatry is also provided.

Internal Medicine I
Internal Medicine II
Family Medicine I
Family Medicine II
General Surgery I
General/Orthopedic Surgery
Elective I
Elective II

Core Rotations
Primary Care
Medical Subspecialties
Specialty Options
Surgical Specialty
Acute/Critical Care
Non-Core Rotations
Primary Care
Medical Subspecialties
Specialty Options
Elective-Primary Care
Elective-All Discipline Categories
Educational Review

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