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Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine

The mission of the Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM) is to provide medical education and research that prepares globally minded, community-focused physicians and to improve the health of those most in need.

School name:Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Address:2265 Kraft Drive, Blacksburg, Virginia
Zip & city:24060 Virginia
Phone:(540) 443-9106

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VCOM faculty recognize students learn in a number of ways. Students generally assimilate a knowledge base through instruction, reading and experience. Students who are in problem based, case-based, or discipline-based curriculums, often complain of repetition and lack of variety. VCOM has developed a hybrid curriculum consisting of lectures, computerized case tutorials, laboratory experiences, clinical skills laboratories and clinical experiences throughout the four years.
YEARS 1 & 2
All courses in the first two years are available to students on computer through Blackboard. The computer based materials are placed on Blackboard in order to augment student learning where minimal note taking is required in class. This leaves valuable classroom time for faculty/student interaction. Computer based instructional cases are the backbone of the clinical curriculum and demand preparation and performance prior to classroom instruction. Classroom instruction becomes concise case overviews rather than a detailed re-read of the text. The clinical cases are examples whereby students learn to apply their knowledge base to problem solving in clinical medicine. VCOM recognizes students also learn by pattern recognition. The symptom based, case based presentations advances students through the clinical curriculum and prepare them for the third year clinical rotations.
YEARS 3 & 4
The third and fourth year curriculum is predominately clinical and provided in the hospital setting. Academics are presented in the clinical setting through advanced didactics including morning reports, case presentations, and grand rounds. The didactics are shared through telecommunications to all third year clinical sites. This allows a continuous curriculum through internship and an opportunity to learn through a spiraling of medical knowledge.
OMM is taught throughout the curriculum by faculty physicians who practice primary care and osteopathic medicine and sports medicine. The OMM curriculum is reinforced in the clinical years by providing clinical experiences with this same faculty, demonstrating the incorporation of the manipulative medicine skills into clinical practice. Osteopathic manipulative medicine skills labs continue through the third year.
The curriculum is directed toward the development of a primary care physician. VCOM faculty believe that the students who choose medical specialties will benefit from a broad based primary care curriculum and a whole patient approach to care. There are fellowship and curriculum specific tracts within the VCOM clinical curriculum for students who qualify and wish to enter research or missionary medicine training.

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