Medical school admissions are enormously competitive. There are 125 medical schools in the United States, in which it is a good idea to have a strong GPA. A GPA more than 3.5 is preferable. A GPA below 3.5 can sometimes raise a flag, particularly if you attended a school popular for grade-inflation, like Harvard.

Calculating your GPA

To calculate your GPA, you need two numbers: your Quality Points and your GPA credits earned.

If you are a GCU student, you can easily get these two numbers from your online transcript. Just look for them on the last line of the transcript on the line marked "Cumulative" or "Cum". To calculate your GPA from these two numbers, you simply divide the total Quality Points by the total GPA Credits.

Quality Points
GPA  = -------------------
GPA Credits

Students should not choose to apply to schools solely based on average GPA and MCAT scores! It is important that you also look at curriculum, opportunities outside of the classroom, geographical considerations, match to the school´s mission, etc.