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American Medical College Application Services (AMCAS)


Diverse medical schools in the United States use an ordinary application process that is administered by AMCAS, a division of the American Association of Medical Schools.

What does the AMCAS Do?

The AMCAS application offers medical schools adequate information to make an original selection; it contains a modified undergraduate copy, science and overall GPAs, MCAT scores, information about additional activities, and a short personal comment. For 2019 admission, you can submit your completed application, with the correct cost, no earlier than June 1.

What is the timeline for admissions?

AMCAS begins collecting applications on June 1. After collecting your application and school copies, you will obtain a Transmittal Notification from AMCAS.

How expensive is it to apply?

The AMCAS cost is about $45 for the first school, and $25 for each additional school. When your AMCAS is processed, most schools will request "additional" information, and filing this will cost an additional $60-$125.

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