Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine dealing with Diagnosis and treatment of disorders and diseases of the eye, including brain, and areas surrounding the eye like the lachrymal system and eyelids.

How to become an Ophthalmologist

To become an ophthalmologist, one needs to graduate college and focus four years of medical school. The medical doctor must then perform a full year of supervised training recognized as an internship. After completing medical school and an internship, an ophthalmologist must then complete a three to five year residency in an accepted ophthalmology program. After completing their residency program they must pass an examination to be certified.

Nature of the work

Ophthalmologists are doctors who focus in the treatment of eye disorders and illnesses. An ophthalmologist offers comprehensive eye and vision care including diagnosing, monitoring, and medically or surgically treating all ocular and visual disturbances and disorders.

Ophthalmologists also frequently provide routine vision care services as recommending eyeglasses and contact lenses. When required, they perform eye surgery. Most ophthalmologists are in private practice, however some are working in hospitals or clinics, and others make research.


The annual salary for ophthalmologists ranges from $100,264 to $514,228.